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Utilize Your Data

we don’t do templates, every system is unique to fit your needs


Our promise to you doesn’t end when the deliverables are met. We see ourselves not as your vendor, but your partner. Reach out anytime, and we’ll be there to help.


Our databases are dynamic, responsive, and efficient on any operating system or device you love dearest.


Data is proprietary, invaluable, private, and our lives’ work. We take every precaution when it comes to security. Just ask us for details. We love to brag.


We know we are going to watch your business grow, and expect your database to do the same. We design your new system with this in mind to ensure you have a cost efficient present and future.

DataCove Database Features

a smidgen of what our databases have going for them

Our Customer Testimonials

don’t just take our word for it, read it from them

“Datacove provided a solution that even the developers of my software said could not be done. Working on a live application with over 30 users, the enquiry, order and integration processes were quick and efficient, seamless and most importantly to me, easy!”
“DataCove implemented a Knack script for a reasonable rate and in a timely manner. Robert was a pleasure to work with. Would recommend.”

“DataCove understood exactly what I was looking for and provided an incredibly quick turnaround. In addition to giving me exactly what I asked for, they thought through how to make sure that the solution they created would scale with future upgrades to Knack.”

“Datacove response time was impressive! the quality of the solution was also number 1. We are looking to make them part of our network of partner to accommodate our schedule of development. Thanks to Robert and his team.”

“DataCove delivered on promises that other developers couldn’t in less time, fewer bills, and better results. Expectations were set early and consistently met; Robert was a joy to communicate with throughout our relationship. Our software is in a better place because of DataCove, and we would recommend them for any of your development needs.”

“Thanks for such a quick and efficient job.  Much appreciated.  Speak soon and keep up the great work.”

“This is the easiest installation I have ever experienced. Even if you do not have familiarity with Drop Box itself, the documentation walks you through step by step. Once I had set the parameters, as per the instructions, the code worked first time. DataCove were supportive during the whole process, not that I needed them as it was a simple process with their well crafted documents. The code itself is well constructed. Good job guys!”

“Robert was very responsive and honest and clear in his communication and deliverables. He was reliable in his milestones and very customer centric.

Working with Robert at Data Cove has been an incredible experience.  We would highly, and with much enthusiasm, recommend their services. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, he is very cost effective, and works collaboratively with you to think through problems as they come up and clarify things if there are any gaps . Robert is extraordinary at communication, direct, quick at responding, warm, considerate and professional.  He is honest and after working with him on a larger project we have come to trust him, his work, and his word.

“Datacove did an awesome job integrating Knack with Dropbox and creating dynamic PDF’s for our General Contracting company.  Robert was very responsive with all of our questions and was very patient with us as we worked through the requirements and testing.  The prices charged were also very competitive.  We plan on using Datacove in the very near future to help implement an import feature of data from a .CSV.”

“Very pleased with the results.”

“Working with DataCove has been an enjoyable, highly collaborative and successful experience. Our project was “Testimonial Manager,” a unique, purpose-built, multi-tenant content management system intended for use by corporate marketing departments, production companies, ad agencies and their clients. It started out as a working prototype that I developed myself on the Knack platform, but I quickly realized that the project’s needs exceeded my own skills and I needed real professionals to take it to the finish line. Robert and his team successfully tackled a long list of complex feature requests and always kept one eye on the question of real business value vs. cost — which I sincerely appreciated.  They have been great out-of-the-box thinkers often offering alternatives that were better than the ideas that I brought – which is just one reason I prefer to work with real pros. 

DataCove is hosting our application, so I get to continue to work with them as we iterate on it; improving it based on user feedback.  If you asked me whether I’d work on other projects with them, I’d say “absolutely!””

Robert and his team have delivered a $200k+ complex enterprise size project for under $50k and in 50% of the time. Rob’s agile approach meant he was able to quickly build version 1 and iterate rapidly until we were ready for prime time. We now run our entire business on this platform, while increasing sales almost 30%.

I would highly recommend the DataCove approach.”

Accurate, Timely Development

Your speed and production of my required code was much appreciated. I have dealt with a number of other freelance and by-the-job developers, but none have been as on purpose with communication, status, expected cost, and completion of objectives. I appreciate both the time and attention to detail, and found that the cost/benefit analysis was much better than expected. Thank you.”

“Robert was professional and efficient. Datacove delivered the requested custom javascript on time and for less than the approved quote. Having a coder who is familiar with the knackhq platform is key for us. I was particularly impressed that they billed us based on hours even though we had some extra money approved in the budget. We will definitely be coming back.”
“The service, the value, the vision and the results are A+. We came to Rob with an idea and he helped make it a reality, with the end result being so much more than what we had imagined was possible. He was professional, prompt and finished the project on time and on budget. What sets DataCove apart from the others is the genuine passion and ownership they show in the business of their clients. They ask questions. They care. They are invested in adding significant value through their ideas and their contributions to your project. We entrusted Rob with our business and he knocked it out of the park.”
“Robert was extremely patient, understanding and knowledgeable. He created the perfect website for my new business. I have very little computer experience, yet he always promptly responded to any questions I had and made any adjustments I requested immediately. Robert is incredibly talented and easy to work with, I would most definitely use him again and highly recommend him to anyone.”
“Robert had a very clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve and worked extremely hard not just to give us what we said we wanted but also to understand our work flows and how the database could make us more productive. He has been incredibly responsive and clear in his communications at all times and very patient while we tried to explain our needs so he could translate them into Knack Functionality. It is a pleasure working with Robert and we look forward to continuing to enjoy his support while we explore the potential of Knack to help us be more effective in our work.”
“It started as 3 squares on a piece of paper on the wall in my office. A very rough concept. Knack said I could build the thing I wanted. YEA RIGHT!!! I needed a developer. I have a company to run and I really don’t want to learn programming. Knack said there are developers who will build the project. I submitted my idea and several people responded. Robert from DataCove was the most convincing and interested in the project. The rough draft was just the start. Rough. Every time he presented the project to me I changed something. If you can do THIS than can you do THAT? There are limitations to the system based on Knack and that prevents a 5 star rating. If I was to rate Robert I would have no hesitation with a 5 star rating. Patience, understanding, explaining what and how to use the program. I built in some post project time because after 30 days you can really find bugs and poor design. I think there were 15 emails after going live. Yes, he was happy to work on the issues and perfect my project. Would I use DC again? Yes. Will I use Robert again? Yes. A competing company outside of the Knack world wanted to build my project but did not want to know what I wanted; curious. If you need the services of Knack and need a developer use Robert at DataCove. The results are worth it. Value for the expense. Full package deal with no wammies.”

Our Databases

sorry for the jargon, contact us, we love to chat



Let’s start simple, get your information online, and structure your database to accommodate future expansion.

3 Tables
2 User Roles
Data Migration Services



Have a process you want to facilitate, or even automate? Let’s build a system around your business’ needs.

6 Tables
4 User Roles
Data Migration Services
Automated Emails
Geographical Views
Tabulated Reports
and more!



Need a system to serve as the backbone of your company? No problem at all, we’ve done this before!

15 Tables
6 User Roles
Data Migration Services
Automated Emails
Geographical Views
Tabulated Reports
API Integrations
Multi-Hierarchical Design
Custom Reports & System Views
and so much more!


Everything Else

here’s a bit more of what we love to do